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Welcome to the Physician Pathway Portal! This site was created out of an acknowledged need for more centralized information, with more explicitly set out steps to increase understanding and transparency around the licensure process and healthcare pathway options that are available. We continue to try to integrate the detail and choice of those here, as we present it in an online capacity for open access. AIMGA supports process and pathway consideration through many of its course offerings; however, we also recognize the need for a tool that can capture and share a greater scope of options and resources.

As it is no longer in the infancy stages, and has now transitioned to its “childhood”, we consider this an organic product and continue to look to you, the true experts of pathways and process experience, to provide constructive and informed input to help structure, define and grow this tool – to make it a truly worthwhile platform. Many of you provided your feedback on the list of alternate professions you would consider in June 2016 and this supported the development of the Healthcare Occupations Pathway. It came from you; which is a critical aspect to the usability and relevance of the portal. Our work will be ongoing.

The initial design and the development of this resource was made possible through the Government of Alberta (FQR); further development and sustainability will continue to be funded through the Government of Canada (IRCC).

This is available to you, as a tool, to help you navigate and find information about your pathway and pathway options. It is specific to Alberta.

Good luck and remember to keep us posted about your journey!

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