How to Use the Portal

The portal has been developed with a broad approach to pathways and options in mind. There are 3 pathways you can move through:

Click on any of the spheres that you are interested in exploring. Each pathway will open up to routes (more options) for you to consider and navigate through. Steps and fact sheets for routes have been provided for you. Always verify and confirm information and/or requirements through the links provided.

Keep in mind that this is a dynamic project and we will make every effort to continue to expand and detail content as necessary.

Other tabs to explore:

  • Resources page – this has been organized by relevant themes (Settlement, Language, Regulatory) for quick and easy access
  • My Pathway Portal – this is an interactive tool to map your progress as you prepare for Residency

At any point, you can click on the home tab to bring you back to the beginning.

Feel free to contact us, if you require any further direction or supports.

Please feel free to click on the feedback tab, as you go through the portal, to provide constructive feedback for our development team to consider.