Vision, Purpose, Values

IMG Canada is an AIMGA initiative

Our Vision

The vision of AIMGA is improved healthcare through the re-engagement of internationally educated physicians in Canada.

Our Purpose

The purpose of AIMGA is to support internationally educated physicians as they complete their professional requirements necessary to practice in Canada.

Our Values

The programs and services are provided according to the AIMGA values and beliefs and the needs of our members. These include:

  • International educated physicians represent a skilled and professional workforce that can support and improve the health care system in Alberta
  • The re-engagement of internally educated physicians can strengthen the ability of Alberta’s health care system to meet the needs of increasingly culturally diverse populations
  • Collaboration with key stakeholders and other service providers is critical to respond effectively and transparently to meet the needs of our members
  • Best practices in programming and resource development are designed to respond to the ever-changing context of our healthcare system.