Occupations in Health

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The Occupations in Health Pathway focuses on providing more information on options available to alternate healthcare employment consideration. The professional profiles for Route 2: Occupation retrain were complied and sourced from a list generated by our membership; these career alternatives came directly from this survey (see survey results for more information). Please note that the profile development, for this route specifically, is ongoing. Scope and consideration for suggestions will continue to be added.

There are 2 routes to exploring Occupations in Health:

Route 1: Credential Modification

This route has been organized into 3 occupations that fall under partial licensure, unlike the routes in the Physician Licensure Pathway (where the outcome is ultimately full, independent licensure), medical credentials in this route would transfer more directly than reconsidering a shift in occupation. This isn’t to be confused with requirement expectation.

Route 2: Occupation Retrain

These occupations came from a survey sent and responded to by 200 members. The list has been compiled and sourced into profiles based on the most highly ranked, those that would be most considered. This is not an exhaustive list and it will continue to be developed. These profiles have been organized and cross-referenced with resources and contact or access points for Alberta. They are viable options to be considered; however, retraining or returning to further education may be required.