Clinical Aides/Medical Office Assistants (CAs/ MOAs)

People working in support roles are very valuable as their input helps seniors in authority to work at their pace and in a smooth manner.

Generally speaking, Clinic Aides (CAs), for instance, help doctors, RNs and other medical team members by handling both administrative and medical work. Commonly known as medical assistants, clinic aides work in clinical settings where they are required to handle medical records, schedule appointments and also provide direct patient care under the supervision of a medical practitioner, to name a few. CAs are not to be confused with Clinical Assistants connected to ACSAP (see ACSAP page).

There are no specifics around the requirements for such positions beyond those set out in job postings. As a physician; however, this transferability should be fairly straight forward and may provide the opportunity to become familiar with Canadian clinic settings, patient demographics and disease contexts, if one decides to transfer this employment experience towards the licensure pathway.

Some good websites to peruse for opportunities in Alberta: