Physician Licensure

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This Physician Licensure Pathway focuses on providing transparency as well as a break down of the steps needed for full licensure in Alberta. There are 2 routes to achieving this:

Route 1: Residency

This route has been set up and designed to help you navigate through all the steps necessary, as you work towards independent licensure via residency. Please not that this is geared towards Alberta requirements only – please make sure you check specifically for other provinces. Please know too that process may change, so at any step, feel free to access the link to verify. Always check the AIMG Program for any program updates.

Route 2: PRA

Similar to Route 1, the PRA (Practice Readiness Assessment) route has been designed to help you navigate through each step required, as you work towards your letter of eligibility and sponsorship search. This is Alberta specific as well. Please check the CPSA website for further details around letter of eligibility and the AHS website for postings on PRA accepted positions.