Route 1 – Residency

IMGs who are looking to begin the process of obtaining license to practice in Alberta should become familiar with both the general information about the route to licensure in Canada provided by the Medical Council of Canada (MCC); which is the examination body, and the specific requirements for registration with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA); which is the regulatory body for medical practice licensure in the province.

Depending on the particular qualifications and circumstances of any foreign trained physician, there may be different pathways to licensure in Alberta that one may explore and consider. Nevertheless, to be ready for taking either of these pathways, the IMGs need to:

  • satisfy the eligibility criteria within each body
  • meet the common standards of the application process (which may start before their arrival in Canada).

Below are the core steps that any IMG seeking licensure in AB needs to take when starting the process:

Visit the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) website and get insight about the Canadian standard for International Medical Graduates
Visit the World Directory of Medical Schools website and verify if your medical degree is from a school listed there
Open an account with the and submit your documents to the MCC Physician Credentials Repository ( that is one of the many services offered by requesting a source verification service.
Take the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE) which is currently the pre-requisite for any further step in the licensure process an IMG seeking a medical licence to practice in AB decides to take; depending on his/her qualifications

NOTE: Step 1 to Step 4 may be completed either prior to one’s arrival in Canada, or after that; however, choosing to go through them before arriving is possible since the MCCEE may be taken in 80 countries ( outside of Canada and since that choice may accelerate the process.